Carl Safina – putting words into action

January 16, 2011 in What's Happening

It was a late fall day, the terns had already migrated south and the striped bass were eating the last of the massive bay anchovy clouds that discolor the ocean to a burnt maroon. I was guiding a client, turned friend, who had invited a special guest to join him for a day’s fishing the fall Blitz in Montauk.
My client brought Carl Safina, author of “ Song for the Blue Ocean”, “Voyage of the Turtle”, “Eye of the Albatross” and now the highly acclaimed “ The View From Lazy Point”, on board.
Rarely am I star struck. Celebrities are a common occurrence in the Hamptons. You will be dining at Nick and Tony’s and Alex Baldwin will be sitting at the table next to you eating dinner with a girl that your friend tried to set your neighbor up with.
But in my eyes, true greatness comes from great accomplishments and morals.
I had never met Carl. I had only read his books and heard about his organization, Blue Ocean Institute. Our day on the water made it clear to me why he is the writer he is. His connectedness to his surroundings was tangible. After catching a few fish, Carl set down his fly rod and observed the patterns of the birds, the fury of the blitzes and the interaction of wildlife. This made an impression on me, as most writers I have taken out rarely stop to absorb the sights.
Over the years, without knowing it, Carl has inspired me to want to do more for my world. With his non-preaching approach to conservation, Carl has set a standard in fisheries preservation. Pointing out problems, offering solutions, and not pointing fingers, he has caught the ears of many and has helped re-shaped the opinions of people who can make a difference.
Every time I fish with Carl, I feel more connected to my surroundings.
He brings hope and reminds you that we live in a soothing, awe-inspiring planet, one we should not stomp on, but stroll through.