Green2 Series Fly Rods

Green2 Series Fly Rods

from 139.99

The Rise Fishing co. Green2 Series fly rods are the go anywhere and do anything freshwater fly rods, they are made to present flies with versatility and fight fish with authority.  A Beautiful green color combo and wood reel seat give the Green2 Series fly rods a fresh look.  Built as a 4 piece fly rod the Green2 Series come with a divided cordura tube for safe travels.  The medium speed Trout style action suits most casters nicely, a great recovery makes for a smooth action and easy to cast fly rod.   At only $130, the price leaves you plenty of dollars to spare. After all, your next boat or guided trip won’t pay for itself.

  • Sections – 4

  • Action – Medium/Fast

  • AAA-Grade Cork

  • All-Graphite

  • Divided Rod Tube Included

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The Green 2 is the second generation of our most affordable fly rod. In keeping with the tradition of a high quality tough rod for a great price the Green 2 follows right along with the original. When we set out to design a rod in the $100 price range we wanted to make it special. Not only did It have to be a rod that a beginner could pick up and cast well but it also had to be a rod a seasoned fly guy/gal would add to their arsenal.

The Green 2 has quickly become a popular rod due to its casting ease and durability. It has a medium action that makes it a great all around rod for a wide range of situations. It will throw dries to finicky trout. Roll cast a nymph under an indicator or throw streamers to bass. It’s blended IM6 graphite gives the rod a toughness like no other. Allowing you to handle fish of all sizes, we have several clients using the Green 2 for fishing Great Lakes Steelhead as well as northwest trout and steelhead.

The Green 2 series fly rod has a wood reel seat with black hardware in the 5wt and 6wt. A graphite insert in the 7wt and 8wt allows this rod to venture in to saltwater if you choose. Both have high quality cork and chrome guides and a stunning green finish. All come with a divided tube for ease of travel. Each fly rod is 4pc and come with our lifetime warranty. See details on our warranty page.