Baja, Mexico Fly Fishing Trip for Rooster Fish and More

INCLUDED: 6 nights of beachfront & poolside accommodations (single occupancy), 5 days of guided fishing (2 anglers/panga), fishing licenses, all meals, and a mezcal tasting. Cost of the trip is $4450.00 with 50% deposit when you sign up! the remaining 50% is due 30 days before the trip.

NOT INCLUDED: Airfare to Los Cabos Airport (SJD) or La Paz (LAP), ground transfer to and from the airport, live bait, alcoholic beverages, fly fishing gear rentals, and gratuity for the guides.

FISHING PROGRAM: A typical day on the water is spent from sunrise to early afternoon (~7 hours of fishing). Our guides are local multi-generational fishermen experienced with fly fishing. We fish two anglers to a 20-25ft. panga. Boats will pick up guests in front of lodging as well as launch out of Ensenada de Los Muertos (Bahia de Los Sueños) to cover as much terrain as possible of this vast fishery- spanning north to the far tip of Isla Cerralvo, around La Ventana Bay and the lighthouse point, and down the coast to Boca Del Alamo. Drastic underwater topography channels pelagic species through the area and provides a rich habitat for resident species.

TARGET SPECIES: Roosterfish, Jack Crevalle, Dorado, Tuna, Pompano, Yellowtail, Snapper, Grouper, Triggerfish, Ladyfish, Milkfish, Billfish.


Airport Transfer

The rate for the shuttle to and from the airport varies depending on how many people are on the shuttle, but you can budget approx. ~$100 pp/per leg. Guests will pay the driver (or your host) directly. We try to coordinate our flights to arrive before 2:30pm and depart after 12:00pm. The drive from SJD Airport to the Villa is ~2 hours. Please provide your flight info to The Fish Ranch upon booking. Please have your cell phone on with international calling and Whatsapp enabled.


* Captains: $50usd (min) per person/per day. Please tip your guides daily.

* Chef: $65usd at the end of the trip (min)

* Housekeeper: $40 usd at the end of the trip (min)

* Shuttle driver: $10 usd per person per leg

Other Cash Activities

* Live bait for chumming: 1000 pesos per panga/per day (depending on preference and availability)
Extra snacks and drinks (beer, wine, liquor, etc.) can be purchased in La Ventana and there are beach bars within walking distance of the Villa

* The entrance fee for the museums in El Triunfo is approx. $10usd

* Please reach out for any other specific pricing such as massages and 4x4rentals

There’s an ATM in La Ventana to withdraw pesos, however, it is recommended to bring cash with you (dollars or pesos) because the ATMs here often run out of cash and have a low withdrawal limit.


Guests will receive their boat assignment on the evening before their day of fishing. Pick-up is either in front of the Villa at sunrise or a 20-minute shuttle to Los Muertos boat launch, arriving at sunrise. (We use both launch options to cover the most terrain and to adjust to where fishing is best). We are typically on the water for 7 hours a day and this can vary according to weather, preference, etc. We fish 2 anglers and a captain to a panga. Our captains are all local residents who come from multi-generational families of fishermen. The Sea of Cortez and surrounding Isla Cerralvo and East Cape areas have a long and industrious history of sustenance fishing, commercial fishing, sport fishing... and now fly fishing! All our guides have extensive experience and work closely with each other throughout the day. Fishing takes place out of ~22’ pangas, with varying size outboard motors. This is the boat traditionally used in this area, as they are stable and comfortable both inshore and offshore. Anglers can cast from both the bow and the stern.


We are located in a desert. Please be aware of your surroundings: always wear sandals and watch your step. Our local flora and fauna include scorpions, snakes, jellyfish, and very prickly cacti. Our lodging has a lot of stairs, slick surfaces, sliding glass doors, etc. Boating and fishing are dangerous activities. Watch your boat partner and listen to your captain. Wear protective sunglasses. Never stand on the rear platform when the engine is engaged. Take an extra moment to be cautious and avoid injury. Regarding crime and theft, Baja Sur is very safe. La Ventana relies on tourism and has a strong local community. While theft is not a concern, we advise guests to take normal precautions. We strongly recommend purchasing trip cancellation and travel accident insurance through companies Global Rescue, Travelex, or Travel Guard.


Please notify The Fish Ranch as soon as possible of any food allergies or dietary restrictions.


* 4 fly rods & 4 reels per person (extra spools count as reels)

* 2 cameras per person

If you bring more than the allowable limit, you may get dinged with a 19% importation tax.


This region has seen dramatic growth in fly fishing over the past decade, and although catch and release is lower impact than conventional sport fishing, the increased handling of fish is becoming evident in some of the medium to large rooster fish. We primarily practice catch and release and seek to handle fish with the utmost care. We ask our guests to adhere to the guidelines of:

*  only remove fish from the water if under ~40 lbs.

*  only remove fish from the water for less than 10 seconds for photos

*  do not touch the gills

*  do not let the fish touch the floor of panga or any boat surfaces

*  do not hold the fish upside down (vertically by the tail)

For more information about fish handling best practices please see:

We will keep and eat some of the more sustainable (fast-growing, quick reproductive cycles and not endangered) species caught, such as dorado, sierra, bonito, and snappers.


If you wish to capture your fishing memories on film, we work with a local marine life photographer who can be hired to join the boat for the day. We also work with a local Gyotaku artist in La Paz. If you have a fish specimen you would like to preserve through the Gyotaku print process, please let us know, and note that we will only take prints of fish that will be eaten, this does not include roosterfish or billfish.


You can fly into San Jose Del Cabo (SJD) (~2-hour drive to Villa) or La Paz (LAP) (~1- hour drive to Villa). La Paz has limited international service so it’s likely that most guests will arrive in SJD. While you may opt to carry on some of your gear flying into Mexico, you CANNOT carry on any flies, rods, reels, spools, pliers, etc. flying OUT of Mexico. If in doubt, plan to pack it… there are very strict rules about what you can carry on flying out of Mexico.


There is WIFI at the Villa. Cellular service tends to be in and out in this area. Light laundry service is available onsite.


There is an extensive offering of non-angler activities including yoga, mountain biking, snorkeling, stand-up paddling, and shopping trips to La Paz.


Having the right gear is key to a successful trip. Bringing backups is recommended and with advance notice, we can provide fly rod rentals at $25/day per set-up. Conventional fishing gear will be provided at no extra cost. Visit the Fish Ranch website for regularly updated info, new products, and more gear commentary. Below is our go-to setup for a day of fishing.



* 1 x 10wt w/tropical clear tip intermediate line (shooting head) – this will be your tool of choice for roosterfish, dorado, jacks, and most of the fish we are targeting. A 9wt or 11wt can also fill this role. If possible, bring a backup spool with a sinking line. This can be handy to switch out to reach fish deeper in the water column such as tuna or yellowtail.

* 1x backup rod, 8-11wt

Non Essential but Recommended:

* 1 x 8-10wt w/sinking line for fishing rockfish (Clousers, small Minnows, Wooly Buggers, etc.)

* 1 x 12wt w/tropical clear tip intermediate sink tip, rigged and ready for any billfish sightings. You never know when it will happen.

Lines we like: Sonar Titan Tropical Clear Tip, Sonar Tropical Custom Tip Sinking,

Reels: We recommend a high-quality salt-water reel w/300+ yards of backing, 50lb+ gel spun or 30lb test Daecron.


Tie 9' 40/30/20 or 40/30 fluorocarbon with blood knots ending in a loop-to-loop system for a quicker change of fly and leader. Also 60-80lb mono or flouro to rig 11 & 12wts. for billfish and tuna. We use a double surgeon knot to attach leader to the fly line and perfection loops (heavier line) or non-slip knots (lighter line).


* For a week of fishing, we recommend an assortment of ~2 dozen flies.

* Baitfish (mullet, mackerel, sardine, ballyhoo, ladyfish) patterns (kinky

* muddlers, deceivers, wiggy airheads, EP minnows) in blue/white, black/white, tan/white, olive/white. Tie with 2/0 – 6/0 hooks, 3-8in.

* Crease Flies & Poppers in assorted colors and sizes to match above baitfish Clousers in chartreuse/white, tan/white, & rust. Tie with #2 – 2/0 hooks

* Cam Sigler Tube Flies in pink/white & blue/white. Tie with 6/0 – 8/0 hooks


You MUST have a valid Passport to enter Mexico

Reusable water bottle

Small waterproof day bag for personal items on the boat

Sling backpack or fanny pack for beach fishing

Sandals or wading socks for beach fishing


Chapstick with SPF

Bug spray



Polarized sunglasses with strap. Extra pairs recommended as these are crucial

Layers of quick-dry UV clothing (bathing suits, shorts, skirts, shirts, long sleeves)

Sun gloves and/or stripping guards

Light windbreaker jacket

Any specific snacks you want (electrolyte packets, energy bars, etc.)



Fly tying kit

We have most of these items in the Shop here in Baja, such as fluorocarbon,

tapered leaders, the best flies for this area, reef-safe sunscreen, hats, sunshirts, etc.

Also, if you forget something, most basic items are available in La Ventana.

However, if you have specific preferences for items, please error on the side of

packing them!


I recommend reading Mike Reiser’s Fly Fishing The Baja and Beyond for general fly fishing in Baja info.