Black and Tan Series Fly Rods

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Drawing inspiration from the rich and robust essence of the traditional brew, our Black and Tan Fly Rod Series is meticulously crafted to elevate your angling escapades. From the tranquil ambiance of lakes teeming with large mouth bass and muskie to the spirited currents of trout streams, and even the pursuit of coastal striped bass and formidable game fish in saltwater realms, these premium fly fishing rods are engineered to surpass all anticipations.


  • Medium-fast action - Delivering finesse and sensitivity while providing the backbone needed to land that fish of a lifetime.
  • 3 -9 Weight (7-9 weights are saltwater safe)
  • 4 Piece rod - Perfect for any fishing destination.
  • Each rod comes complete with a rod tube featuring divided sleeves, ensuring secure storage and effortless transportation.

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