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Hosted Trip Dates: August 2nd - 9th 2025. Experience the ultimate fishing adventure with our Alaska Fishing Trip. Catch a variety of species, including trout and salmon, in one of the best fly fishing destinations around. Enjoy world-class fishing while camping in style.  Book now for a fly fishing experience like no other.

The Destination

Discover the ultimate fly fishing destination on the Kanektok (also known as the Chosen River). This pristine river boasts ideal conditions for all five species of Alaskan Pacific salmon, making it a dream come true for avid fishermen. Our camp, located near the quaint village of Quinhagak in southwestern Alaska, offers unparalleled access to the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge. Spanning over 4 million acres, this refuge is renowned for its abundant salmon runs and diverse wildlife. From the rolling tundra to the majestic mountains and rugged coastlines, this refuge is a sanctuary for all things wild. Its remarkable ability to nurture and protect natural populations of wild fish sets it apart as a truly enchanting destination.

The Species

The Kanektok river fishing season is dictated by the king and silver salmon fishery and has excellent trout fishing. The kings run June 15th – July 25th while the silver salmon run July 23rd until Sept 10th. The king salmon escapement goal is 3,500 - 8,000 per season. The silver salmon escapement goal is 50,000 per season. During the month of July the Kanektok receives a run of 50,000 – 200,000 chum salmon and on even years receives a run of over 100,000 pink salmon. The river also has a run of 50,000 - 200,000 sockeye salmon in mid July. The rivers’ rainbow trout are most prevalent in the braided section of the river. There are trophy rainbows available with some close to 30 inches. The dolly vardens are sea run with over 20,000 - 35,000 passing the fish weir last year. The river also has a good grayling population.

The Accomodations

Relax in spacious 10 x 12ft and 12 x 12ft heated wall tent cabins with wooden floors and carpeting. These wall tents are super strong, waterproof and can withstand the weather conditions in Alaska. For your comfort we sleep single occupancy, one client per tent cabin. The tent cabins are furnished with a padded cot with quilt and high quality sleeping bag, soft pillows, dresser, lantern, mosquito coil, clean linens for showering, clothes hangers, windows with screening, and plenty of storage room for your luggage and gear. If you need generator power for a C-Pap machine we have transportable 2000 watt Honda generators that are super quiet to meet all of your sleeping needs. We also provide you with reading materials that contain history and information on the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge and the native Yupik culture that has been dated back to 1000AD. Guests find this a fascinating read and we feel it's important to educate everyone on the native culture and history of this tremendous fishery.

 The Cuisine

You will eat three delicious meals per day prepared by the head chef. A hot breakfast is served daily with lunch either at camp or packed to take with you maximizing your fishing day. Dinner is served in our spacious dining tent with freshly baked breads and pastries along with fresh produce. Main specialty entrées of steak, fish, chicken, and pasta are prepared by our head chef who is also experienced cooking for any special dietary needs. He will surely make your dining experience the best a tent lodge in Alaska has to offer!

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